Philadelphia Car Accident Lawyer

If you have been injured in a car accident, you probably already have a lot of questions. You have medical bills, repair bills, and other expenses piling up. You may not really know how long you will need medical care, and whether this accident will affect you for the rest of your life.

The situation is stressful enough, and you don’t want to have to fight with insurance companies while you’re trying to figure out how to take care of yourself.   Attorney John Rooney solves problems, and knows how to deal with insurance companies and hesitant medical providers.

Philadelphia Injury Lawyers

At The Law Office of John F. Rooney, V., the motto is “I’m John Rooney. I solve problems.”  If you are suffering a personal injury because of someone else’s negligence, you can ask for compensation for everything that you have lost because of the injury.

With a car accident, that may include car rental fees, towing and years of physical rehabilitation. Personal injury lawyers like Philadelphia Attorney John Rooney can help you find the help you need, and make sure your bills get paid.

Dealing with Insurance Companies

The goal of the insurance company is to save money. Your own insurance company will probably try to get you to make a statement, possibly even while you’re still in the hospital. They will probably try to get you say something against your interests.

You shouldn’t make a statement to anyone until you have consulted an attorney. Even if you don’t mean to, you could end up hurting your case by downplaying your injuries or admitting fault.

Your insurance company, or the other party’s insurance company, may try to get you to agree to a settlement before you are even finished getting medical care. You can let them know you are consulting an attorney before making a decision.

Your First Steps

It doesn’t hurt to call for professional advice as soon as possible. If you agree to a settlement that doesn’t cover all your expenses, you won’t be able to ask for them later.

Car accident lawyers normally don’t require you to pay up front, because you need to be the priority when you are first injured. If you call The Law Office of John F. Rooney, V., he will be happy to talk to you about your case.

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